Adults (15+)

Social and work pressures in a complex environment, as well as family responsibilities, are just some of the challenges of adulthood. Established behaviours, such as lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or even accidents may result in non-communicable diseases.

The adult population is highly heterogeneous, since it groups together several generations and  phases of life. Indicators for this group (from the ages of 15 or 18, depending on source) are defined in the national strategies “Prevention of non-communicable diseases” and “Addictions”. They provide information on behaviour, diseases and knowledge, for example, but also on state of health, quality of life, treatments and employment.

To bring out the disparities of this group, the information is presented by different sociodemographic variables (e.g. gender, age, educational level) in an interactive graphical form. Links lead to further information.

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Noncommunicable diseases
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