In 2021, healthcare costs in Switzerland were CHF 86.3 billion (data not shown, see FSO table). This is equal to CHF 9924 per capita, which represents an inflation-adjusted increase of 53.7% since 2000. The share of gross domestic product (GDP) was 11.8%.

In 2021, half of health care expenditure was generated by hospitals and social-medical institutions.

This indicator is part of the Monitoring System Addiction and NCD (MonAM) of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

An important goal of the Federal Council’s Health 2030 strategy and of the NCD strategy is to curb healthcare costs. The healthcare system should be affordable and accessible to all. The present indicator provides an insight into healthcare cost trends in Switzerland.


This indicator was calculated on the basis of the Federal Statistical Office’s (FSO) Health care costs and financing statistics. It shows the annual per capita healthcare expenditure in CHF, the cost trend as an inflation-adjusted Index compared with the year 2000 (calculated using the annual average of the Swiss Consumer Price Index) and the share of healthcare costs in gross domestic product (GDP). In addition, healthcare costs are itemised by service provider in the pie chart. The data are updated annually.


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